Outsiders Looking Inward A 1-day workshop focused on building support and resources for existing as an other

Presented by Kim Paulus, MS

Saturday, September 27, 2014 10am-4pm


Oakland or Berkeley, CA.  Wheelchair accessible location is being finalized

  • Do you feel like an outsider in your world/community?
  • Are you burdened by other people’s expectations of who you should be?
  • Does being different impact the way you feel about yourself and relate to others?

Whether your difference is located in race, skin color, body shape/size/ability, gender expression, ways of loving and expressing sexuality, or emotional wavelength, the burden of our own and other people’s reactions to our difference can be a lot to bear in our bodies and psyches.

Come express your experience of otherness, engage in creative and somatic/body-centered exercises and dialogue in a safe and nurturing environment. Emerge with new clarity and internal support. Together, we’ll explore ways to bolster and strengthen inner and outer resources for existing as outsiders in a challenging world.

Cost: $110, some sliding scale spots available.

To register: Call 510-394-5820 or email kimpaulus@gmail.com.

Not sure if this is the right workshop for you? Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to speaking with you.